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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Posted by ray_acebedo

Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade the big three of Miami. 

     The big three should be well conditioned for game 6 tomorrow. Many Miami Heat fans trust the big three to win the NBA finals and also to their coach Eric Spoelstra. They must do everything to win game 6 for them to extend the finals to game 7. I'am a fan of Miami Heat, for me the best thing they do is to have a tight defense on the shooters of Dallas specifically Dirk Nowitzki who make impossible shots to defeat Miami. If they will still keep making mistakes defending on Dirk it will be the end of their mission to get the crown. Dirk is the best shooter in NBA, for my opinion he is a perfect shooter but if they will defend them as hard as they can they can stop Dirk from scoring big points. Lebron James should perform well, give everything he has for the game 6. James should be more aggressive on offense because as i observed on the past 5 games he was struggling on his offense.Chris Bosh will dominate inside and grab rebounds play hard and have confidence in making shots just like what he did on game 3. Dwayne Wade is a great player that can penetrate to the hoop and make amazing shots, he was the top scorer of the Miami Heat team. Wade is the most athletic player that Miami have they must support him in every plays give him pick and rolls to open a wide open shot. They must perfect all the plays that Eric Spoelstra thought to them avoid turnovers and have focused on the game. The bench should also participate on offense like Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller who are the trusted three point shooters of Miami. This strategy will make them win game 6. Good luck Miami Heat.  


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